202404--205404 规划30年、每月定投! 这一路将如履薄冰、你们说我能走到对面吗?

Quick Note 20240401

April 1, 2024 Heavy Rain

The first day of all plans

  1. There's nothing to worry about the 2054 pension plan, just regular deposits are enough, even if you don't trade, the returns from financial management alone are sufficient.

  2. ETH is my major position this round, and today's coin-based tasks are also completed.

  3. The afternoon was quite interesting in terms of mindset. Originally, I was planning to go to the gym today, but it rained heavily. To be honest, I was quite happy because I was too tired to work out and the heavy rain gave me an excuse not to go. However, this weather is just like the repeated torment of mindset in the market. By four o'clock, not only did it stop raining, but the sun came out. I thought if I don't exercise, the routine for this week will be pushed back, and if I lack discipline on the very first day, how can I trade and make money (this sentence is for showing off, I didn't think of it at first, only realized it after the workout), feeling extremely annoyed, time passed quickly.

Run for 5 minutes
TYWL for 15 seconds * 4

Barbell Rows 5 sets 20-25kg
Dumbbell Rows 5 sets × 2 10kg
Wide-Grip Pulldowns 5 sets 20-25kg
Seated Rows 5 sets 15-17.5kg
Straight Arm Pulldowns 5 sets 10kg

Side Head Stretch for 15 seconds
Single Arm Bar Stretch for 15 seconds
Chest and Back Stretch for 15 seconds

Indoor Running for 30 minutes


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