202404--205404 规划30年、每月定投! 这一路将如履薄冰、你们说我能走到对面吗?

Quick Notes 20240402

: p[April 2, 2024, Heavy Rainstorm]{.center}

  1. First of all, I want to thank myself for being disciplined yesterday https://2054.xlog.app/sui-shou-ji-20240401. After working out last night, I came back feeling refreshed and clear-headed. I was focused on the 5-minute oscillation, opening multiple short positions at the highest point every time. Yesterday's ETH-based task was successfully completed, and the timely positive feedback felt great. It strengthened my determination not to be lazy in the future, to maintain discipline, and to integrate knowledge and action!

  2. Today's ETH-based task was successfully completed as usual.

  3. This bull market cycle has been tough for ETH, especially with the recent sharp decline in the market, which really affects the mindset. Some bloggers even publicly declare that this bull market is over 😪. Regardless, I will wait for Bitcoin's performance after the halving (before June) before making a decision.

  4. Today's workout
    5 minutes of running
    15 seconds of kneeling push-ups
    15 seconds of arm circles
    15 seconds of forearm rotation
    15 seconds of cross stretch

5 sets of barbell bench press 20kg
5 sets of dumbbell bench press 7.5kg
5 sets of machine chest squeeze 20kg
5 sets of machine chest press 20kg
5 sets of cable chest squeeze 2.5kg

15 seconds of pillar stretch * 2
30 seconds of wall-assisted stretch
15 seconds of seated stretch

40 minutes of running (if the market is not good, run more to shift focus and avoid being unable to handle the mindset pressure of cutting losses)

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